What is the LDS MissionCast?

January 30, 2018

The LDS MissionCast is both a podcast, and a YouTube channel that presents content for those looking to serve a full-time mission, returning home, or anyone who is seeking inspiration, and education in member-missionary work. Our guests will help answer difficult and/or common questions brought up by investigators or those interested in more information about the church, as well as help offer introductory information on a variety of religions, mental health issues, or other aspects and challenges to be considered as part of missionary service. These guests will range from celebrities and influencers, to educators, to mental health professionals, all talking about the benefits and blessings of missionary service as well as advice on how to get the most out of your mission service.

Each week we hope to bring you fun, yet substantive content that will both uplift the spirit, and enlighten the mind. But most of all, we hope to engage and motivate the very best disciple-centered missionary efforts by bringing engaging and powerful content that promotes understanding and to help us all feel anxiously engaged in the greatest of all causes, to bring people unto Christ.

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