Welcome to LDS MissionCast! We have a number of aspects to our project that we hope you take advantage of after opening up a free account with us. We have a social network (under development) and our Mormon Missionaries Metaphors and Analogies Discussion Group. Lastly, with an account you can also keep track of any purchases you make from our Missionary Marketplace. So, sign up for your free account and get access to these different tools as well as stay up to date on our latest podcast and video cast content.

With our social network, we hope will be the largest social network of Return Missionaries in the world. We know that there are a number of issues relating to being released from Missionary service that are both challenging and rewarding. But we also know that one way to help us all to adjust and to achieve success moving forward, it is to feel a part of a larger group of people with whom you can share your experiences.

Signing up is easy, and its FREE! Just fill out the registration form and get started finding old mission companions and friends, make sure to register where you served and what years. As this network grows, new features will be added to include service opportunities, perhaps even job listings that can go towards helping to create a powerful network of people share a common and defining experience, serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.