featured our Podcast!

March 3, 2018

We were featured in an article by LDS Missionaries page on Facebook. They have over 500,000 followers which is huge exposure for our “green” effort. Thanks to Dustin over at LDS Missionaries for their kindness in promoting our podcast. Go give them a “like” as a way of showing our appreciation. He is also going to be promoting us throughout the year at various times which is a great for helping to promote our podcast, which in turn we hope will be able to reach more people who are going out to share the gospel with the world more effectively. As of the time of this posting we have over 525 Facebook likes which means we are also growing at a healthy pace considering we have not spent a dime in advertising our little effort. So, thank you to everyone who is supporting our podcast and helping us along.

You can read the write up on the LDS Missionaries page by clicking here.

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