Church History as a Missionary Tool with Casey Griffiths – Episode 8

March 22, 2018
Casey Paul Griffiths

BYU professor of church history Casey Paul Griffiths discusses the 100 most important events in Latter-day Saint history at his Education Week class.

Welcome to the episode 8 of the LDS MissionCast. This is Nick Galieti, and on this episode I interview Casey Griffiths a professor from BYU, and one of the contributing authors to the book, What You Don’t Know about the 100 Most Important Events in Church History. We discuss the importance of knowing the history of the church and how our unique history can be used as a proselyting tool.

After that interview we have another segment from Shawn Rapier from the Latter-day Lives podcast. Shawn interviews a hilarious comedian, Steve Soelberg, who tells a funny story from his mission when he was…shall we say, caught in an awkward moment.

Music for this episode comes from Anne Britt. You can find her beautiful piano arrangements and this music on her site,


What you don't know about the 100 most important events in church history

Make sure to check out the full interview with Steve Soelberg on Shawn’s podcast, Latter-day Lives. 

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