Welcome to the Latter-day Saint MissionCast. This introduction episode will help you get started in listening to this missionary centric podcast.

Preparing to serve a mission doesn’t start in the MTC. With the Church moving to being Home Centered-Church Supported, missionaries and their parents have an increasing need to prepare missionaries while they are young. With a new book from Robert Conrilles and Taylor Halverson, parents have a new tool to help them to overcome this challenge.

The final episode in our Basic Doctrine Series. This episode is on the true doctrine of Commandments. Why do we have them, and how do we teach them. With guest Scott Sorensen.

The Book of Mormon is THE teaching and study tool of Missionary Work. The Scripture Plus App is a powerful Book of Mormon Study app. Episode Guest, Jasmin Rappleye from Book of Mormon Central.

Interview with Kristen Reber about her podcast, Early Homecoming, which addresses Early Return Missionaries and the challeges they face.

The basic doctrine of Marriage and Family is central to the Plan of Salvation. The doctrine of the Eternal Family particularly challenging to teach in our modern world.

In this episode we interview W. Justin Dyer to discuss the basic doctrine of the family, as well as address some of the misunderstood parts of the pre-existence, and some folk doctrines that we should avoid mingling with teaching people of the Gospel.

This is a combination-type episode of the podcast. In one part we will have a sort of “part 2” to our episode on the Basic Doctrine on Prophets and Revelation. we will also address Stephanie’s new workbook, Learn Of Me, which is a great tool for missionaries. This workbook helps support the effort to keep the challenge of President Russell M. Nelson to study Jesus Christ from the Topic Guide.

What is the relationship of Ordinances and Covenants, why do they matter, and how do you teach this to others? This and more on this episode of the Latter-day Saint MissionCast podcast

Jennifer Roach was an Anglican Minister, but discovered the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and converted. This is her powerful conversion story.

What is the priesthood, and what are priesthood keys? How do we teach these to members not of our faith? What is the history of priesthood in the Church? All this and more in this episode of the Latter-day Saint MissionCast!

Prophets and Revelation is a basic doctrine of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. While fundamental to our belief system, this teaching is not found in many of the religions of the world. Our guest on this episode of the podcast is religious educator, Blake Dalton. He speaks of the importance of this doctrine, as well as the ways that we can best approach teaching this subject with others not of our faith.

Dispensation, Apostasy, and Restoration are the considered basic doctrines of the Restored Gospel. However, they are interrelated and should not be separated if they are to be considered eternal, and salvific (relating to our salvation). Learn how to best teach about the Restoration of God’s Church on the Earth, and the deeper meaning of apostasy and dispensation.

– Do you sometimes wonder what is and isn’t Church doctrine?

– Have you heard something unsettling about Church history and wanted to know if it’s true?

– Do you want to deepen your study on a gospel topic but don’t know where to look other than Google?

This episode with guest Anthony Sweat is for you. He discusses his new book and offers great advice on how to address these important questions about Modern Day Christian Discipleship.

The Atonement of Jesus Christ is the means by which the Plan of Salvation is accomplished. It is a central teaching to the theology of the Restored Church of Jesus Christ, and yet, one that may be least understood. Learn what the true Doctrine is, and how to best teach it to others.

Continuing our Basic Doctrines Series of Podcasts, on this episode we are going to cover The Plan of Salvation. This interview covers the official doctrine as well as commentary by Scholar Brent Top.

Tad Callister discusses his book A Case For The Book of Mormon, which addresses critical concerns about The Book of Mormon. He also talks about his time as a mission president and the advice he would give missionaries when needing to address critical concerns about the Book of Mormon.