Letters From The Field – Elder Tanner Bennett’s Mission Blog – Week 2

April 17, 2018
I’m going to share some GOOD things from this week! My companion, the fabulous Elder Lang is hilarious, and I have been compiling a book of things he says. I call them “lang-isms.” Here are some of my favorite from this week!
————————————–ELDER LANG-ISMS————————————————————-
                                                 Feel free to skip
“Elder Bennett, I was prepared to teach that guy [a bully] the gospel of THE LAYING ON OF HANDS!” (He was ready to fight)
“Man, nature was calling and wouldn’t take a voicemail!”
(Said after a panicked run to the bathroom at 3AM
“That’s some righteous cheese clapping!”
(Said after hearing another elder with Bowel distress)
“Phat squats… With a CAPITAL P.”
(Said after completing his first ever set of 10 squats.
(Said walking down the stairs after said “Phat Squats”
“Man… OOOOH Chilly nips”
(Said during the brisk walk to our classes on the snow day here in Provo)
“Those bleachers bring heat to my booty like only Taco Belle can!”
(The Bleachers were uncomfortable during the devotionals)
“THAT was a SMOOTH pressing experience”
(I liked pressing that button. I will now repeatedly do so)
“Well… We half-nailed it!”
(This will be explained below)
“Why does anybody eat oysters? They’re like the Loogies of the Ocean!”
(Said eating a bowl of clam-chowder… no it did not have oysters in it.)
———————————ALRIGHT BEGINNING EMAIL NOW——————————————
Alright, so this week has been pretty interesting…
Monday: Drama in the District Presidency caused me to have a really awkward meeting with my Branch president and Zone leader (Not my fault and I still don’t understand what happened).
Tuesday: WE HAD AN AWESOME DEVOTIONAL WITH ELDER ECHO HAWK! okay y’all Echo Hawk, the guy that spoke in General Conference is AMAZING. He talked a lot about obedience and humility and it was truly amazing. The spirit was SO strong in the devotional! I love the Spirit here at the MTC, it is just amazing.
Wednesday: Not much happened today, 9 hours of language skills and wishing I was a Spanish Speaking missionary. Chinese… makes NO sense, in it’s grammar, in it’s pronunciation, or in any other sense. It’s brutal. Anyways, it was good though and I am getting the language okay!
Thursday: My suit pants had become magically worn through… so… wow. that was fun. ALSO! I got chosen to preform ONE OF MY SONGS at a new missionary devotional on the 18th! I’m super excited! It’s an arrangement of “All Creatures of Our God and King and Savior, Reedemer of my soul.” It’s rad.
Friday: Another good day, feeling good. I asked to have my name be changed to the name given to me from my host family in China, (莨匠熊). My name is the Surname, then the Artisan Bear. I like it. So I will be getting Mandarin name tags in a few weeks!
Love you all!
Elder Tanner S Bennett
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