Teaching the gospel using comedy with Shawn Rapier – Episode 15

May 10, 2018
Shawn Rapier comedian

Nick Galieti (host-left), and Shawn Rapier (guest-right)

This episode is all about “comedy” or “humor.” Shawn Rapier, regular contributor to our podcast where he interviews people to talk about their missions, and he also hosts the Latter-day Lives podcast. But some of our regular listeners may not know much about him, including the fact that he is a stand up comedian. Shawn and host Nick Galieti have become good friends over the last few months as you might see from this episode because today’s interview is really more of a conversation amongst friends, talking about our missions, but more specifically about how humor can play a role in sharing the gospel, in helping people to resolve concerns, but also times and places where humor is inappropriate.

Missionary stories can be funny. There are all sorts of stories from missionary work that are hilarious. In fact, the funny parts of missionary work are part of what makes serving a mission so rewarding. But, there aren’t clear ways that we are taught or instructed on how to be or when to be funny when it comes to spiritual stuff. Who better than to teach us how and when to be funny (or when not to be funny), than a headlining stand up comedian. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy my conversation with Shawn Rapier.

Some stories that are shared are an example of what to do, and what not to do. Listen to the podcast and enjoy the stories, but we also give some solid tips to help each person have a fun, but powerful mission experience.

You can listen to past episodes at ldsmissioncast.com

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