Early Return Missionaries and Service Missions Alternatives – Interview with Jacob Pinkston – Episode 18

May 31, 2018
Jacob Pinkston

Jacob Pinkston – Episod 18 guest (LDS MissionCast)

This episode is about Early Return Missionaries (ERM’s), through the story of Jacob Pinkston. Jacob’s story, in some ways is also a story shared by a number of missionaries who struggle with mental and emotional health issues prior to mission service, as well as navigating the expectations many feel with regards to serving a full 18 or 24 months in a proselyting mission. This is a longer interview, but we share it because it is an important story about the landscape that so many have to navigate in preparing to serve a mission.

The music for this episode comes from Jordan James, our guest Jacob’s, younger brother. You can find his music and his videos on Facebook.

Next episode we will an interview with a little known group you have probably never heard of–B’nai Shalom. This is a group is is a resource for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or those even investigating the church, that come from a jewish ancestry, or from one of the jewish faiths. The president of that organization will join me for a discussion you won’t want to miss. Thank you for listening each and every week. Our numbers are growing, but we would still love for you to share LDS MissionCast with your friends or anyone you think that would enjoy it. Remember, you can listen to this episode, or any of our past episodes at LDSMissionCast.com as well as subscribe to the podcast using one of many podcasting platforms or apps.

Music for this episode comes from Jordan James

Jordan James Singer - LDS Music

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