What is the history of the people in your mission? Interview with James Goldberg – Episode 25

July 19, 2018
James Goldberg and NicK Galieti Mormon Missionary Podcast

James Goldberg (guest-left) and Nick Galieti (host-right)

Have you ever wanted to know the history of the country where you have been called to serve? This weeks episode features James Goldberg here to talk about a cool new project he is working on with the Church History Department; something that can be a fun tool for those preparing or those that have come back from missions. He also shares some of his experiences serving a mission in what used to be East Germany, and teaching people who over came the religious persecutions that were in place under communist rule. He has some really fun information to share. 

After that we have Kori Andrews as our guest in our Latter-day Lives segment with Shawn Rapier. For those of you that don’t listen yet to the Latter-day Lives podcast, repent! Shawn just released his 52nd episode to mark his one year mark for the Latter-day Lives podcast. His guest on that episode was Kori Andrews which some of you might know as the founder of Hi-Five Live on Facebook. Click here to listen to the full interview with Kori Andrews on Latter-day Live.

Shawn Rapier and Kori Andrews Latter day Lives Podcast

Shawn Rapier (left) and Kori Andrews (right) from our Latter-day Lives segment.

Congratulations to Shawn and the Latter-day Lives podcast for one year of their show. Thank you for listening to LDS MissionCast, we hope you enjoy this episode. Make sure to follow LDS MissionCast on Facebook and Instagram.

Links from this episode:

High Five Live on Facebook

To download the Gospel Library App, click here.

To read the Global History section of the Gospel Library App take the following steps:

Open the App, the navigate to the Church History section. From there you will find the item titled “Global History.” In that section you will find the different countries that have been covered by the project. There will be new countries added all the time.

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