Sister Rae Eckton – Letters from the field – October Thanksgiving

October 10, 2018

Sister Rae Eckton was a previous guest on the Latter-day Saint MissionCast. You can listen to her episode by clicking here. She will be sending out updates on her mission experience in Edmonton, Canada, and we will be reposting her letters on our blog on a regular basis.

Transfers are tomorrow!!! We had to drive down to Edmonton yesterday with the Wapiti Elders because Sister Zumbach is going to be an STL (Sister Training Leader)! We’re staying together in Grande Prairie, but we had to come down to Edmonton so she could go to the MLC (Mission Leader Council) meeting and get some STL training done. Thanksgiving was yesterday so we got to eat supper with the traveling sisters in the Sorochins’ home; AMAZING members in Rutherford.

Dean & Chuan are doing so good. We had the Plan of Salvation lesson with them last Thursday and they had so many questions about it, then we all found answers to their questions in the scriptures. It was awesome. Rohan and Yamuna have been wanting to meet with us more and more. We meet with them at random times because they don’t have set work schedules, but we make it work! James is doing really well, we are planning on meeting with him this weekend when we get back from Edmonton. We are meeting with Joe, he just married a member and so we are teaching him the lessons so he can be baptized! He loves the idea of Celestial Marriage, so he’s excited to do the steps necessary to get there with his wife, Selena.

General Conference was SO GOOD. I have so many favorite talks but I really loved when Gary E. Stevenson said, “Small efforts can cause eternal affects.” I loved that because I thought about how as missionaries we need to take every opportunity to speak to everyone we can. We can only hope it’ll leave an eternal effect on them with the small efforts we make to reach out. Yamuna came to the last session of General Conference and wrote down some things!! She said she loved it and could understand it perfectly. Which was a miracle because of the language barrier. I’m excited to re-read all of the talks again.

Some of my favorite quotes from Women’s Session:
Cristina B. Franco: “We are happier when we serve with the intent of giving rather than what we get in return.” ,”It was the love behind the action.” & “Lose the selfish desires we have so we can serve others to our full potential.”
Joy D. Jones: “Worship Him by showing love to others.” & “When we do what God wants us to do, we lose ourselves in that we find ourselves.”
Dallin H. Oaks: “We cope best with the difficulties of life, because we understand His plan for us and we know we are children of God.”
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