Sister Rae Eckton – Letters from the field – Zone Conference

October 30, 2018

Sister Rae Eckton was a previous guest on the Latter-day Saint MissionCast. You can listen to her episode by clicking here. She will be sending out updates on her mission experience in Edmonton, Canada, and we will be reposting her letters on our blog on a regular basis.

I called it! I spoke at zone conference and spoke on Elder Taylor’s talk; ‘Am I a Child of God?’ I cried so I think it went pretty well, lol. We also had EIGHT sisters in our apartment for a couple of days and it was so much! Got to see Sister Tela, we went to middle school together and were friends back home! She’s the best.

We went on exchanges with the Fort Saint John Sisters and it was SO FUN. I was mostly with Sister Millward, she’s a week out and she is already such a pro at everything. We got to meet with Zhen Zhen and put her on date for baptism! We also met with Buzi (Lizwi’s mother) and talked about the restoration. She wanted a Book of Mormon and wanted to start reading that night!

Sister Herzog and I visited Lizwi and got to give him a triple combo so he could bring it to seminary when he starts going tomorrow. He wanted to come to church but it was his dad’s birthday, so they had plans. Lizwi is so awesome, he came to the stake youth activity and met a lot of the youth in the Bear Creek Ward.

Angeles and Pedro (family we teach English to) invited us over for supper Sunday evening. They asked us a lot about missions and so we were able to teach them about the Book of Mormon and used the map to help them understand. I got to pray in Spanish for them before we left and it was a really special experience.

After Zone Conference, all EIGHT of us sisters went over to Dean and Chuan’s house for supper. After supper we all went around and bore our testimonies of the Book of Mormon/our favorite scripture stories. The spirit was so strong. Zhen Zhen and I are around the same spot right now in the Book of Mormon, so I mentioned how it would be fun if we read together so if she had any questions she could just send a text to us. Then she said, “hmm maybe we should race?!” Haha so I told her if she is understanding it and isn’t just rushing through it, I would race with her. We set the goal to finish it before the year ends.

I am so grateful for the spirit and how it testifies of all things. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be serving and teaching so many people right now and I know this is where I’m supposed to be. I’m grateful for this gospel and I know it can change lives for the better.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

?Sis Eckton

-Sister Tela & me
-Supper with the Wray family
-Zone Conference pics
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