Sister Rae Eckton – Letters from the field – POWER HOUR

November 17, 2018

Sister Rae Eckton was a previous guest on the Latter-day Saint MissionCast. You can listen to her episode by clicking here. She will be sending out updates on her mission experience in Edmonton, Canada, and we will be reposting her letters on our blog on a regular basis.

So we’ve been doing this super awesome thing called, ‘Power Hour.’ We have supper with members and we ask them to choose a place for us to find in our area for the next hour. We’ve done this a couple of times now and have seen MIRACLES. Each time we’ve done it they’ve chosen places we haven’t tracted. It’s so cool to see the members follow promptings when they choose a spot on the map.

We went on exchanges with the Traveling Sisters and found FOUR people from the power hour we did last Wednesday evening. We also put Lee on date for baptism for December 1st! So it was a very eventful week.

Something cool we’ve done everyday of this transfer is have a zone prayer each morning. We’ve called down angels each day to assist us in this work. Our goal as a zone was to have at least one person on date in each unit for the month of December. Each area in our zone has 1+ on date for the month of December!! I’ve really gained a testimony of prayer because of this experience. I know that God will consecrate our prayers if we pray in faith to Him.

Sister Zumbach is coming to the end of her mission and we think I’m leaving GP next Tuesday. Sister Zumbach is downsizing and I’m packing a little bit just to be safe. So today’s going to be a short one… I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

?Sis Eckton

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