Dendo, Brazilian Stray Jogs, and a Tribute to Mission Companions – Episode 11 LDS MissionCast

April 12, 2018

Dendo - Interview with Brittney Long OlsenWelcome to the episode 11 of the LDS MissionCast. Our special guest on this episode is cartoonist and illustrator, Brittany Long Olsen. She has a really cool book out called Dendo: One Year and One Half in Tokyo. This book is actually her mission journal that she kept in graphic or comic book form. Not only is it an interesting way to keep a journal but it captures the mission experience in a way that is refreshing and real. To win an autographed copy of Dendo, find the posting for this episode on Facebook (click here) and share this post on your facebook page. We will choose a winner from the people who share this episode on Facebook and make sure the LDS MissionCast page is connected to your post or we won’t see it. Good luck!

Shawn Rapier - Ken and Katie Craig

In our Latter-day Lives segment we have some mission stories from improv comedians, Ken and Katie Craig, who share a story from their son who is currently serving a mission in Brazil. There is both a funny story and an inspirational one as well. Listen to their full interview on the Latter-day Lives Podcast by clicking here.

Robert Beau Clark and Melissa Clark

The last segment is a bit of a personal reflection from host, Nick Galieti, about the importance of journal keeping, and includes a tribute to mission companions. This includes a brief tribute to a mission companion, Robert Beau Clark, that passed away in 2014.

Maddy Vance Music

Music for this episode comes from Maddy Vance, this super talented LDS Musician who is currently a freshman at BYU, but who talent is beyond her years. You can listen to her music at

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