Letters From The Field – Elder Tanner Bennett’s Mission Blog – Week 11

July 1, 2018

Elder Tanner Bennett was a guest on a previous episode of LDS MissionCast. He agreed to share his mission letters with the readers of our blog. So each week we will bring a letter from his mission. We will interview him at the conclusion of his mission as well. So stay tuned and stay connected to Tanner’s story each week on the LDS MissionCast Blog!

Week 2 in Taiwan, Miracles in Minxiong

Hello spectacular Family and Friends!

This week has truly been a spectacular one in minxiong! Elder Jacobs and I have been working like madmen here, and I can tell you with assurity the words Elder Bednar said are true. “The Lord likes EFFORT!” As a result of our biking over 200 Km this week, contacting, finding, and teaching, the Lord has blessed us with 6 NEW investigators and 5 NEW potentials we’re set up to meet this week! More miracles came as one of our brand spanking new investigators came to church this week and LOVED IT. We’re setting a baptismal date with him today, so please be praying for us.
Yesterday was the first Sunday we’ve had with our Ward, considering last Sunday was Stake Conference, and they are all just tremendously amazing. The ward members brought us this yummy bread from one of the brothers who owns a bakery, fresh fruit, a cake, pudding, and much much more haha. They were so kind and sweet to our new investigator, they just took him under their wings and made church a place he really wants to be which is AMAZING. We are so excited for him to come more and feel more of the spirit he felt there.
More miracles this week occurred as we seemed to mostly be in the right place at the right time, and as a result found A LOT of people who have been prepared to hear the gospel. Now youre probably wondering why I say “mostly.” The reason for it is because sometimes Elder Jacobs and myself aren’t the best at listening to ALL our spiritual promptings, and as a result, I managed to get a flat tire, had to bike 10km to the closest bike shop, and pay 600 bucks (NTD, like 20 dollars) for a new bike tire I used for 5 minutes before my New bike showed up. So, mostly there, but we’re learning and doing the best we can.
This week has been A LOT of rain. I’ve never been so wet as I have been in Taiwan haha. If it isn’t from the
downpour of warm, Pacific rain, It’s from the sweat of the 92 degree, 100 percent humidity, weather. 很好玩。 (Very fun).
The Taiwanese people think I’m so funny, they say I sound like an “ancient Chinese man” when I speak. They think it’s hilarious this white person speaks with a heavy, beijing accent.
I wish there was more I could tell you about my investigators and their incredible stories, but they have been really cracking down on personal information lately. I promise I’m keepig a good Journal though, and I’ll have plenty to share when I get home.
As for now, here are some photos of my week, Elder Jacobs and I also got to pick up some trash from the side of the road, that was cool, and the members feed us SO MUCH here. This is curry that a Recent convert bought us. WOAH momma it was good! Here’s also a photo of my chapel, kinda neat, and some scenery from this beautiful island!
I love you all so much, I’m praying for you all daily, and I can’t wait to see how this next week goes!
I love you all!
Elder Bennett
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