Letters From The Field – Elder Tanner Bennett’s Mission Blog – Week 12

July 20, 2018

Elder Tanner Bennett was a guest on a previous episode of LDS MissionCast. He agreed to share his mission letters with the readers of our blog. So each week we will bring a letter from his mission. We will interview him at the conclusion of his mission as well. So stay tuned and stay connected to Tanner’s story each week on the LDS MissionCast Blog!

Hello my beloved friends and family!

Tanner Bennett In Taiwan
This week I’m gonna have to be quick, lots of mansion cleaning and things to do this week! However, happy 4th of July! My first independence day abroad was unique! Our bishop took us to lunch with his wife and son, they are so cool! It was pretty expensive from my understanding, but man was it good. We thanked them probably a million times. The Lord has blessed Minxiong, I’m telling you all. In 2 weeks we have an active investigator pool of 14 and new people are added every week! What makes it even more exciting is we had 4 NEW people at church yesterday! HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Our ward is seriously the best. They’re so supportive and all of our RCs are the sweetest and most Christ like friends to them, it’s truly amazing to see. I absolutely love serving here!
Taiwan - Mormon Missionary
I’ve also been getting “Tanner!” However, my requirement to wear a watch also means that my wrist is getting WHITER! 糟糕。。。anyways, that was cool. I took a picture of the mountains we biked up to get to zhuqi last week (on the top of those mountains in the distance). Also, we have A typhoons bearing down on us! So woohoo! rain!
This week outside of that has been pretty rough haha, we haven’t been able to find as much, which has been kind of nice because we actually have time to plan lessons, but last week we had 8 NEW investigators, and we’re finishing this week strong with 4. Not bad, but there’s always ways to continually improve! That’s the whole purpose of this gospel I’ve found. It’s the only means by which we can seek active improvement in our relationships, spirit, personal life and work all at the same time. I can promise you that as you all look forward with an eye single to the glory of God, bearing your afflictions with patience and understanding, the Lord will provide you success. Don’t believe me? crack open Alma anywhere between chapters 26-32, haha. The Book of Mormon has become paramount in this work. It holds all the answers you could ever have for your life, your family, your work, anything! It’s all in there. We all just need to be able to seek a little more, knock a little harder, be more earnest and steadfast and the mysteries of the universe are promised to unfold to us. What an incredible blessing it is to be a member of this Church and to know the fullness of Christ’s restored gospel. I love it.
Mormon Missionary in Taiwan
Alright, I’m afraid that’s all I’m gonna have time to write today, happy belated fourth of July! I love you all so much! here’s some pictures from my week!
Best wishes,
Elder Bennett
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