Alex Balinski on Preparing to Serve YouTube Channel and Lifey Missions

August 2, 2018

Hello, this week features a website, a youtube channel, and the creator of those web properties that provide some great resources for missionary work. Alex Balinski (or known online as Alex Ba) created the YouTube channel, Prepare to Serve, and Lifey Missions. He has some fun stories from his mission experiences in Argentina, but that wasn’t where he was first called…here now is my interview with Alex Balinski.

I am going to start featuring some information on the missions from our featured guests each week, provided they served a mission. I hope that in so doing we can learn more about the many parts of the world that are apart of this great latter-day legacy of which we are all a part. In the coming weeks we have some great guests lined up to talk about some topics that we haven’t addressed on the show, another guest to talk about a world-wide pilot program being created that will provide missionary tools all around the world in scores of languages. We also have a special episode, maybe even two-part episode on the great work being done in the ARP or Addiction Recovery Program of the Church and how it can and should play a role in ministering and missionary efforts. I am also lining up a number of scholars to help us understand the gospel that we have been called to share with the world with greater power and clarity. There is so much in store for you, the faithful listeners to the LDS MissionCast. 

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