The missionary life cycle with Clint Hosman

November 22, 2018
Clint Hosman Anasazi

Clint Hosman before his mission while working as a counselor for the Anasazi Youth Programs.

Thanksgiving day 1999, I returned home from my mission, along with the guest from this episode of the Latter-day Saint MissionCast. Clint Hosman was my MTC companion back in 1997, and this Thanksgiving it seemed appropriate to have him on as a guest to honor our 19 year returning home anniversary. In this episode we reminisce about going into the MTC, leaving the MTC and going into the mission field, and some fun stories from serving a mission in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana Mission.

Clint also shares some stories of what helped him to stay active upon returning home from his mission, as well as how he know helps return missionaries take on the responsibilities and changes that happen after returning home from serving a mission. Clint also shares some ideas on how the skills he learned as a missionary can be applied in running his own business called Longship Systems.

Listen to a couple of old missionary buddies reminisce about missionary service, as well as get some good, practical advice on how to get the most out of your mission experience as it applies to life before and after the mission.

Clint Hosman with his mid-life crisis truck.

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