Nutrition for Missionaries – Faith and Nutrition with Zach Cordell MS. RDN.

December 6, 2018

Most missionaries aren’t overly concerned about nutrition while serving their missions. For that matter, when we teach the Word of Wisdom in our discussions with people interested in learning about our faith and commandments, we often assert things or impose teachings onto the Word of Wisdom that may not be entirely correct. Our guest on this episode is not only a Return Missionary (with some fun stories) but is also a licensed Nutritionist and will help us to navigate the world of food and faith.

 Latter-day Saint Nutritionist Podcast

Zach Cordell also has his own podcast called the Latter-day Saint Nutritionist Podcast. Some of you may have heard his addition to our #LightTheWorld episode. He joins us from his home in Florida over Skype for this interview. So enjoy our discussion about the interaction of food and faith for Missionaries.


Zach Cordell BIO:
In the world of nutrition there are always new fads, new products, or new people claiming they have found the new miracle practice or pills. When people are ready to make changes to improve their health they don’t want to put in the effort only to find out later that the product or practice they had chosen wasn’t helping them reach their goals at all.

That’s where Zach comes in.

Zach is a registered dietitian nutritionist with experience in one-on-one nutrition counseling, presenting for employee wellness efforts, as a podcast host, and teaching as a college professor.

Zach earned his bachelor’s degree in human nutrition from the University of North Carolina Greensboro, his Masters of community nutrition from the University of Massachusetts, and performed his clinical internship at Yale New Haven Hospital.

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