Jaxon Washburn – Returns!

May 22, 2019

We have interviewed a couple of missionaries before their mission, but on this episode of the podcast, we have our first before and after interview, with Jaxon Washburn. While serving for the less than expected time of his Mission Call, Jaxon made the difficult decision to come home from serving in the Georgia Armenia Mission.

If you want to listen to our first interview with Jaxon, click here. But, to start out our interview with Jaxon Washburn on this episode, I asked him to read the text of his status update on Facebook announcing his return home. I find it to be a peaceful and uplifting response to his mission as well as his decision to come home.

Jaxon also contributed a few blog posts on our Blog with letters from the mission field before he arrived in his mission where local policy discouraged the practice, and we honored that request. We have other missionaries that we interviewed prior to leaving for their missions and whom we hope to have reporting with us soon. Here are links to those episodes:

Tanner Bennett

Rae Eckton and Iris Wright

This week we do a mission focus on the area of Jaxon’s mission, the Georgia Armenia mission, specifically the Church in Armenia. For more information on this area of the world with respect to Church memberships, statistics and history, click here.

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