Meet the Mormons – The Craftsman Interview – Episode 1

February 3, 2018
Nick and Heidi Galieti - Meet the Mormons - The Craftsman

Nick, and his wife, Heidi Galieti, at the special screening of The Craftsman, Meet the Mormons.

In our debut podcast episode, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Blair Treu (writer and director), Jenna Kim Jones (host/narrator), and Danny Sorensen (featured story) from the “final” installment of the Meet the Mormons franchise of films – The Craftsman. Host-Nick Galieti sits down with our guests to talk about the movie franchise, and more specifically this episode now shown at Visitor’s Centers around the world.

Shawn Rapier and Joel Bishop - Latter-day Lives Podcast

Shawn Rapier and Joel Bishop – Latter-day Lives Podcast

We will also introduce you to some other regular segments on our show: The Book of Mormon Challenge, Missionary News, and Shawn Rapier’s special interview from his Latter-day Lives Podcast. This episode features a special interview with LDS Actor, Joel Bishop about his mission service in Germany.

Stay tuned as we have so much more to share over the coming weeks. Make sure to subscribe to our podcast in iTunes and other podcast outlets.

Music for this episode of the LDS MissionCast is by Zander Sturgill.

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