What Missionaries (and members) need to know about Islam – Interview with Daniel Peterson – Episode 2

February 8, 2018
Nick Galieti and Daniel C Peterson - LDS MissionCast - What Mormons need to know about Islam

Daniel Peterson (left) and Nick Galieti (right – host)

In this fascinating episode, Nick Galieti sits down with legendary BYU Scholar, Daniel C. Peterson, long time professor of Islamic Studies, and founder of The Mormon Interpreter Foundation (a tremendous resource for LDS Scholarship). We talk about the various ways in which Mormonism and Islam are similar, and what ways they are different, as well as some cultural know-how to avoid awkward conversations, or perhaps other missteps that could result in damage to cherished relationships between members of the two faiths. We ended up finding out that this subject seems to be of such importance that the First Presidency has asked Daniel Peterson to write an article for the Ensign on the same subject as our interview! While missionaries specifically going to Africa or Europe will get some valuable information from this episode, anyone anywhere in the world can come to know, and appreciate one of the largest religions in the world as well as how we can more faithfully interact with them. (Update: Daniel Peterson’s article in the Ensign on this topic was released in the April 2018 issue of the Ensign Magazine and can be read by clicking here.)


Shawn Rapier and Nick Galieti - Latter-day Lives Podcast

Shawn Rapier (left – host) Nick Galieti (right – guest)

This episode also features an interview with our host Nick Galieti when he appeared on the Latter-Day Lives Podcast with Shawn Rapier. This is a rare interview includes some of Nick’s mission stories when he served in the Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission from 97-99. This is rare because in the 7 years that Nick has been podcasting, and in over 600 podcasts which he has produced/hosted/voiced, this is only the 3rd time where Nick was the one being interviewed.

This episode will also have a follow up on our Book of Mormon Challenge from the first episode with a story of the placing of a Book of Mormon in ARABIC! (Seems somehow fitting to go with our episode on Islam and Mormon connections). Tune in to see who is challenged next. Make sure to visit our Book of Mormon Challenge page to follow the list of names and locations that our challenge takes us.


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Book of Mormon - Arabic cover

The Book fo Mormon in Arabic (this is the front cover. Arabic is read and written right to left)

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