Overcoming Pornography Addiction Prior to Serving an LDS Mission with Morgan Bowser – Episode 29

August 16, 2018

Male or Female, young or old, preparing to serve or even serving a mission, the issue of overcoming pornography addiction is becoming more and more common a story. Morgan Bowser wrote an article for her blog, Slightly Sassy Vibes, that resonated with readers for a number of reasons.

Morgan Bowser was first exposed to pornography at age 11, the discouraging national average. She spent years feeling as if she was not about to access the atonement, and that she might never go on a mission or enter the temple for fear that she would never be worthy. With the help of an understanding set of Bishops, Morgan was able to find her way onto a mission.

Morgan Bowser is LDS. Minimalist. Advocate for Natural Products. Red-lipstick Enthusiast. Disney Lover. Essential Oil User. Homework Procrastinator. Professionaly 80’s Music Jammer, and a courageous return missionary for sharing her story with us in this episode. 

For anyone struggling with an addiction to pornography, please visit the resource site available from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by clicking here.

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