Latter-day Saint Addiction Recovery – Interview with Mark Miner Part 1 – Episode 30

August 23, 2018

Mark Miner is a missionary with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint Addiction Recovery. Now in over 12 years of recovery, Mark’s long and troubled past history that includes drugs and related crimes makes for a complex narrative in Latter-day Saint Culture. After experimenting with serious illicit drugs and serving time in prison before entering adulthood, Mark was able to become sober and serve a full-time mission where he learned Spanish. After returning home, Mark attended BYU, and through a series of events, Mark fell back into addiction through prescription pain medication.

Eventually Mark hit rock bottom, robbing stores and resorting to a number of illegal choices, Mark turned himself in to authorities and decided to surrender to the mercy of God.

Mark’s story is a powerful example of the power of the atonement, and a sign that people can do much good in this world after having experienced intense trials. His story has inspired hundreds and was the subject of a short video produced by the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (see above). Mark’s story is an example for others who have struggled with a number of issues relating to self-mastery.

This podcast is a two-part episode with Part 1 being Mark’s story, his experience in overcoming addiction and the path that lead him to the Savior. Part 2 is more practical application of the Addiction Recovery Program in missionary work. Mark’s experience as a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Addiction Recovery missionary for over 12 years helps clarify ways that full-time missionaries can and should the 12-step-based meetings to help their investigators come unto Christ.

Upon leaving prison later in life, Mark was “adopted” by famous Latter-day Saint Songwriter, Janice Kapp Perry and her Husband. They took him under their wing and became supporters of his life and renewed dedication to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Read Janice Kapp Perry’s story of her relationship with Mark Miner here. 

Mark Miner is now a Real Estate Agent, is married and has a son, Ammon. 

Mark Miner – Real Estate Agent

For more information on LDS Addiction Recovery Services, click here to visit the official website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints addiction recovery program.

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