Latter-day Saint Addiction Recovery – Interview with Mark Miner Part 2 – Episode 31

August 30, 2018

Latter-day Saint Addiction Recovery is a topic that most Missionaries and Ministers are not either comfortable or familiar enough with to suggest it as part of the path of discipleship and repentance. Due to the many misconceptions and even naivety that many have about addiction recovery in general, we continue our two-part podcast episode with Mark Miner.

In this episode of the LDS MissionCast podcast, Mark and host Nick Galieti get practical about addiction recovery. Many questions are asked and answered about what to expect in a 12-step meeting, who can go, how missionaries in the field can use the program (or not) as well as other commonly held questions. We also include a definition of what constitutes a compulsive behavior that can and should be addressed in and through the program. This could include anger, codependency, and eating disorders.

We also address ways that missionaries preparing to serve a mission can study from the materials provided so as to have this program as an “arrow in the quiver” for their ministering efforts.

For missionaries in the field, should the need arise for the services of the Latter-day Saint Addiction Recovery Program, please address your questions to Mission Leadership to discover the best approach with your unique circumstances.

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