American Idol Star David Archuleta shares Missionary inspiration & “If ye have desires, ye are called to the (podcast) work”

September 27, 2018

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Reflecting on the past 6 years, by host Nick Galieti

December 30th 2012 – That was the day I posted my first podcast interview ever. It was for a podcast that I no longer produce called The Good Word Podcast. It featured interviews with authors or writers who were members of the Restored Church. Since that time, I have produced podcasts for that show and for a group called FairMormon, that produces web-based content that aspires to be Faithful Answers to Critical Questions about the church. From there I then did some podcasting for LDS Perspectives, interviewing some great scholars of the Church. For the last couple years I have also done podcasting for Book of Mormon Central (The KnoWhy and Rare Possessions Podcasts).

Since that first podcast episode at the end of 2012 till today, I have produced over 700 podcast episodes, a vast majority of which have been done with the hope of promoting the gospel, building faith, and now with Latter-day Saint MissionCast, to educate and inspire in the great cause of missionary work. To do the math on that for you, I have been podcasting for just about 6 years, which leaves me with an average of over 100 podcast episodes per year. This has resulted in over 1.2 million downloads of which I am aware.

I don’t share this to brag or to toot my own horn, but to express to you, the listener, my deepest appreciation for your kindness and support over the years. I have received some kind emails over the years from people who have let me know that some of what I have produced helped them stay in the church, find answers to difficult questions about their faith, but this is all done with the hope that people like you can listen come closer to God. I recognize that you are giving of your precious time to listen to this podcast. And while it comes to you free in regards to money, your time has a value, and I hope that listening to this podcast is a fair exchange for your time.

I have thought about the goals that I have for this podcast, and I think that it really comes down to this one overarching hope for everything I have tried to do since the beginning. I hope that people finish listening to one of my podcasts and are a better member of the Church for it.

One of the benefits of working this long in podcasting is that I was able to develop contacts, and gain the trust of producers and promoters. This would allow me to have the opportunity to interview people that I might not otherwise been given the chance. This was the case with an interview that I had on the LDS Perspectives Podcast. Prior to the 2017 Christmas season I was able to interview American Idol star David Archuleta. He joined the podcast as part of the #LightTheWorld initiative. I was able to ask him many things about his public life, and service to his many communities, but I wanted to share with the listeners here on Latter-day Saint MissionCast the parts of my interview with him that focused on his mission experiences. Some of this audience may not have heard that interview, so I share a segment of that in this episode. It is my hope that listeners to this segment will feel some inspiration in his sacrifice and service.

(Click here to listen to the full episode and interview with David Archuleta on LDS Perspectives)


I have interviewed, scholars, film makers, musicians, authors, and the wonderful rank and file members of the Church. I consider myself to be incredibly blessed by the associations that I have made, and the things that I have learned through podcasting. In reflecting on these things, I can see the hand of the Lord. I didn’t go to school for broadcasting, I don’t feel that I have been blessed with some definitive radio voice, perhaps I have been blessed with a face for radio, but this whole experience has come as the result of following simple promptings and putting my trust in the Lord. That was how my two-year service mission came about, that is how my two year service mission with LDS Family Services came about, and that is how this podcast has come about. I have, as the scriptures state, had desires to serve God, and I have been called to this work. If you are listening to this podcast, you are probably in that category of one who has desires to serve God. I would encourage you to follow that prompting, to have courage in your faith, and to go forward and share the gospel with others, either through your talents, or through whatever way in  which you feel inspired to do so. And when you do, when you feel called to the work, send us an email and let us know what you are doing and how that is impacting your life. Thank you for listening, and thank you to those faithful listeners who have followed me from podcast to podcast through the years. Words cannot express my gratitude for your support.

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