Comedian, Actor, and Return Missionary, Michael “B” Birkeland – General Conference Rumors and Missionaries Behaving Badly

October 4, 2018

Michael B HeadshotThis episode of the Latter-day Saint MissionCast is a little more on the fun side. Our guest Michael Birkeland (sometimes known as Michael B), is an actor and producer, known for his roles in Singles Ward, Church Ball, The Home Teachers, and the R.M. He comes on the show to talk about his missionary service to Sacramento, California, being a parent and sending off his own children on Missions, as well as how he prayers for missionary experiences everyday.

We also talk about General Conference rumors which seem to range from 2-hour church, to missionaries being able to choose their own time lengths for missions. We also talk about missionary behaving badly stories. These are those examples in so many missions where missionaries make some pretty poor decisions that are clearly against the mission rules, It happens, and while its not something we praise or glorify, it is part of what happens with full-time missionary service.

To get some additional context on Michael B’s life, check out his interview with Shawn Rapier on the Latter-day Lives Podcast. It goes in deep on Michael’s life story, his relationship to drug abuse, and being re-baptized. His life story is powerful and a true testament to the healing power of Jesus Christ.

Shawn Rapier and Michael B

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