Seekers Wanted: The Skills You Need for the Faith You Want by Anthony Sweat

August 6, 2019

“Seekers Wanted: The Skills You Need for the Faith You Want” is a book by Anthony Sweat. Professor Sweat teaches Church History and Doctrine at BYU. Brother Sweat is the speaker and author of a number of gospel related books. On this episode of the Latter-day Saint MissionCast podcast, he shares his insights on ways to learn the gospel in a way that builds faith.

  • Do you sometimes wonder what is and isn’t Church doctrine?
  • Have you heard something unsettling about Church history and wanted to know if it’s true?
  • Do you want to deepen your study on a gospel topic but don’t know where to look other than Google?
  • Do you seek to reconcile how to follow modern yet mortal prophets?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then this episode of the podcast is for you. This topic is important not just for the missionary that is out in the field, but also for those whom the Missionary is teaching.

This episode fits well into our Basic Doctrines series. Brother Sweat teaches the nature of Doctrine. This understanding is part of learning to address gospel questions with maturity and nuance that helps to build faith.

Brother Anthony Sweat has appeared two other times on our podcast. First appearance was in the episode about Going to the Temple For the First Time and his book The Holy Invitation. His second appearance was in our Basic Doctrines series on The Atonement of Jesus Christ.

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