The basic doctrine of Marriage and Family is central to the Plan of Salvation. The doctrine of the Eternal Family particularly challenging to teach in our modern world.

In this episode we interview W. Justin Dyer to discuss the basic doctrine of the family, as well as address some of the misunderstood parts of the pre-existence, and some folk doctrines that we should avoid mingling with teaching people of the Gospel.

– Do you sometimes wonder what is and isn’t Church doctrine?

– Have you heard something unsettling about Church history and wanted to know if it’s true?

– Do you want to deepen your study on a gospel topic but don’t know where to look other than Google?

This episode with guest Anthony Sweat is for you. He discusses his new book and offers great advice on how to address these important questions about Modern Day Christian Discipleship.

Fundamental to sharing the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is a solid knowledge of the Doctrine of The Godhead; namely the true nature of God, The Son, The Holy Spirit, and their relationship to humankind….

What to know how to determine doctrine or church policy? Mike Goodman helps us to learn the difference.