Preparing Tomorrow’s Missionaries Today – With Robert Cornilles and Taylor Halverson

May 1, 2020

Preparing to serve a mission doesn’t start in the MTC. Missionaries and their parents have an increasing need to prepare missionaries while they are young. With a new book, Preparing Tomorrow’s Missionaries Today, parents have a new tool to help them to overcome this challenge.

Preparing Tomorrow’s Missionaries Today is presented by Robert Cornilles and Taylor Halverson. This book is a powerful guide to both the missionary preparing to leave, but even more so the parents of that missionary. There is much to know that can help someone that is preparing to serve. These ideas will make them a more effective, but also more confident and fulfilling missionary. In this episode, we join with Robert and Taylor to discuss this book, how it came to be, and ways in which this text can be a great addition to your personal library.

Book cover - Preparing Tomorrow's Missionaries Today by Robert Cornilles and Taylor Halverson

“The ultimate missionary training center is in our homes,” declared Elder David A. Bednar in his 2019 address, “Prepared to Receive Every Needful Thing.” Member missionaries—parents, children, youth, and leaders—of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recognize that in order to play their part in gathering Israel, home-centered preparation is vital.Preparing Tomorrow’s Missionaries Today is a practical, intuitive, and fun approach to become a courageous member missionary now, and for some, a more successful full-time missionary soon. In other words, a most effective disciple of Jesus Christ at home and abroad.This book addresses a dilemma all who want to be faithful member missionaries face, especially those preparing to serve full-time: “How do I share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others in a comfortable and natural way?” In traditional, Church-supported missionary training centers, those who have been called to serve are generously and ably taught what to say. Within these pages we assist home-centered missionary training centers by teaching the reader how to say it. Following the instructions within Preach My Gospel and modern-day prophets’ teachings, in this volume tomorrow’s legion of missionaries will learn valuable communication skills using friendly methods honed from the authors’ years of experience. This is their contribution to making homes more effective missionary training centers—a supportive tool for those who want to confidently proclaim beloved truths near and far.”

Taylor Halverson was a previous guest on the podcast in two different episodes:

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