Introduction: Latter-day Saint Missionary Podcast

October 10, 2020
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Hello, welcome to Latter-day Saint MissionCast. This podcast is hosted by Nick Galieti. I have hosted this podcast for over two years. It’s time I made an introduction episode to explain what this podcast is, and what to expect as you go back and listen to past episodes.

My hope in starting this podcast was to provide a resource for prospective missionaries, even missionaries in the field, as well as for those that come home and want to transition from full-time service to being a member-missionary. I have served a full time mission in Louisiana; and, about 6 years after coming home from full-time service, I completed a service mission for what was then called LDS Family Services. Missionary service holds a special place in my heart and if you are listening to this, I hope that means you do too.

Latter-day Saint MissionCast was my effort to bring materials that I wish I had on my mission but to a worldwide audience. Come Follow Me and Preach My Gospel are tremendous and inspired resources, but they are guides—they are not the completed text of all gospel knowledge. They are starting points by which we can all discover more. This podcast hopes to give additional help and insights in that same effort.

There are foundational episodes of the Latter-day Saint MissionCast that work as a good starting point in navigating our catalog of content. Please start by listening to our Basic Doctrines Series. These 10 episodes start with my interview entitled What is Doctrine? What is Policy and Practice? With Mike Goodman. Listening to these episodes first will help in understanding how the gospel teachings fit together, and perhaps the best ways to approach all the rest of the subjects and discussions that take place in other episodes. Ironically these are the last episodes we have produced…please forgive me for that 🙂 Once you have listened to these 10 episodes feel free to listen to any episode that you feel you want to listen to in any order. I hope our catalog of episodes will be something that is studied, shared, and will help missionaries for generations to come.

We have episodes with people who have made missionary-minded films all the way to gospel scholars who share their wisdom and experience in gospel learning and teaching. We also have episodes about the lived experiences of those who have served missions, interviews with comedians on how to use humor in teaching the gospel, and even therapists who share great insights on how to navigate some of the mental health aspects that can arise in the course of missionary ministering. 

We have episodes that help you laugh, help you feel inspired in the many ways that missionary work can be accomplished. There are episodes that will help you to think deeper about gospel principles—but will also help to you to know the difference between what you know and what you need to teach.

It has been my great pleasure to bring this content to you, and I hope that these episodes will serve to inspire you in the great cause of missionary work, and that you will choose to be an everyday missionary. Remember that every soul is of infinite worth. That means you and that means the people that are all around us.

Elder Uchtdorf in the April 2019 General Conference stated, ““There are roughly seven and a half billion people in the world, compared to some 16 million members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—a very small flock indeed. Meanwhile, the numbers of Christian believers in some parts of the world are shrinking. Even in the Lord’s restored Church—while overall membership continues to grow—there are too many who do not claim the blessings of regular Church participation. In other words, wherever you are on this earth, there are plenty of opportunities to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ with people you meet, study with, and live with or work and socialize with.”

Elder D. Todd Christofferson said in the April 2020 General Conference, “The Restoration is not only for those of us who rejoice in it today. The revelations of the First Vision were not for Joseph Smith alone but are offered as light and truth for any who “lack wisdom.” The Book of Mormon is the possession of mankind. The priesthood ordinances of salvation and exaltation were prepared for every individual, including those who no longer dwell in mortality. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its blessings are intended for all who want them. The gift of the Holy Ghost is meant for everyone. The Restoration belongs to the world, and its message is especially urgent today.”

What does that mean for us as everyday missionaries? It means, the only acceptable reason not to share the gospel is if the spirit tells you not to.

I want to leave you with my testimony that missionary work is among the highest and noblest efforts we can choose to be a part of. Missionary work can be as grand as making a difference in the world that will last throughout the eternities; and it can be as simple as bringing a smile to the broken hearted, laughter to those who need a break from the hardships of life, it can also be clothing the naked and feeding the hungry, Missionary work can also be sharing your testimony and the teachings of the restored gospel with anyone whom the Lord has inspired to be in your life—even if for a small moment.

God lives. We have Heavenly Parents who love and care for us just as much as they care for all of their children. Jesus Christ is our Savior and redeemer and who’s Atonement is at the Center of God’s plan of Salvation. God the Father and the resurrected Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith and initiated the Restoration of their Church with its doctrines, and the priesthood authority that is necessary to bring life and salvation to the Earth. We are one big Eternal Family that can live together in peace and harmony if we listen to the revealed words of God through Prophets and Apostles, make and keep sacred covenants, and through following the example of our savior by living the commandments of God.

Thank you for listening, and maybe even going back and re-listening to one of our 60+ episodes. May God bless you in your efforts to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and to preach the gospel of peace and repentance to the world. Feel free to email us or find us on social media. We would love it if you rated and reviewed this podcast in your podcast platform so that others may continue to find our content for years to come. This is Nick Galieti thanking you for listening to the Latter-day Saint MissionCast. 

Host of Latter-day Saint MissionCast – Nick Galieti

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