This is a combination-type episode of the podcast. In one part we will have a sort of “part 2” to our episode on the Basic Doctrine on Prophets and Revelation. we will also address Stephanie’s new workbook, Learn Of Me, which is a great tool for missionaries. This workbook helps support the effort to keep the challenge of President Russell M. Nelson to study Jesus Christ from the Topic Guide.

Prophets and Revelation is a basic doctrine of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. While fundamental to our belief system, this teaching is not found in many of the religions of the world. Our guest on this episode of the podcast is religious educator, Blake Dalton. He speaks of the importance of this doctrine, as well as the ways that we can best approach teaching this subject with others not of our faith.

The Atonement of Jesus Christ is the means by which the Plan of Salvation is accomplished. It is a central teaching to the theology of the Restored Church of Jesus Christ, and yet, one that may be least understood. Learn what the true Doctrine is, and how to best teach it to others.